The Titan Missile Museum with Mike Riggs

The Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, Arizona, was formally Complex 571-7 of the Titan II ICBM defence system that was active between 1963 and 1987. The museum houses the original silo, crew and control complex of 571-7 and holds training Titan II N-10. In this episode, we tour the complex with site manager Mike Riggs who takes us around the silo and under the missile itself to see what life was like for the four-man Air Force crews that manned a 24-hour watch, maintaining, practising and waiting for the call we are glad never came.

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Matt Bone
Matt Bone
Matt Bone is an enthusiast at heart. After a 20+ year career in aviation, Matt continues as a Business Analyst by day and an Aviation and history buff by night. Matt is the owner of Boney Abroad Pods and the host of The Damcasters.
The Titan Missile Museum with Mike Riggs
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